Stash (short for Stanislaw) Wyslouch (pronounced Why Slouch) - Bluegrass tones meet Heavy Metal roots

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“A brilliant and free-thinking mind…you’ll be glad to know him” – Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers)

Stash Wyslouch is a musician based out of the Boston area. He currently leads his own band, The Stash Band, that’s been described by the Boston Herald as a “Sonic Kaleidoscopic of Weirdness and Wonder.” Stash plays guitar in Old-Time Appalachian Stringband trio Molsky’s Mountain Drifters and can also be found playing guitar with the Jacob Jolliff Band, Corporate Punk (Sean Trischka) and Tony Trischka’s Early Roman Kings. A songwriter, composer, guitarist, teacher, music appreciator and nerd, Stash is known for his whacky neo-flatpick style and inventive compositions and improvisations. He’s released two albums of original music with The Stash Band* and played on dozens of records as a supporting musician.


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*the first ~the STASH band~ album, "Stash!" released in 2015 was released under Stash's own name "Stash Wyslouch"